J3Seven are attending SOF Week 2024 along with the RAPTOR VR Parachuting System

Catch us with Team Defence Australia (Australia Pavilion), Booth 721

Immerse Yourself in the Future of Parachute Training

Attending SOF Week 2024 with an interest in the latest advancements in parachute training? Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to experience the RAPTOR VR Parachute system at the Australia Pavilion (Booth 721).

Experience the RAPTOR Parachute System Firsthand

Our full live simulation setup will allow you to immerse yourself in a realistic parachuting experience unlike anything else. This is an exclusive offering – be among the first to try this innovative technology.

RAPTOR control station

The RAPTOR parachute system offers unparalleled customisation capabilities, enabling you to train for a wide array of scenarios. From highland and mountain terrain to urban environments and maritime landings, the system’s terrain databases have you covered. It accommodates a multitude of Free-Fall and Static Line parachute systems, all user-customisable and ever-expanding.

Furthermore, the system accounts for various weather conditions like storms, wind, snow, clouds, and specific times of day and year. It incorporates active force feedback for realistic steering, simulating turbulence and accurate landings on land or water. The acoustic effects add another layer of immersion, replicating canopy noises, collisions, and landing sounds.

Train with Military Experts

Our team of experts have successfully trained hundreds of Australian military personnel using the RAPTOR VR system, ensuring that you’re in the hands of true professionals.

The Advantages of Virtual Reality Training

Compared to traditional methods, the RAPTOR system provides a simple, safe environment for students to practice and refine their skills. With the ability to simulate malfunctions and emergency scenarios, students can better prepare for real-world situations without personal risk.

Additionally, virtual reality training is cost-effective, eliminating the need for extensive resources and equipment. Recordable and repeatable training scenarios reinforce learning and increase confidence.

Don’t Miss This Exclusive Experience

SOF Week attendees are invited to visit Booth 721 to experience the RAPTOR Parachute system firsthand. Join us for a coffee and get an up-close look at the future of parachute training.

Can’t make it to the event? No problem – fill out our online inquiry form, and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss how the RAPTOR VR system can take your parachute training to new heights.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand and showcasing this cutting-edge innovation in parachute training. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity!