Infectious Patient Isolation Pod

In terms of making healthcare safer, the Infectious Patient Isolation Pod (IPIP) is a significant step forward. Rapidly deployable one-patient evacuation system. The system is used to protect medical personnel or the surrounding interior from contamination.

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Infectious Patient Isolation Pod

The IPIP (Infectious Patient Isolation Pod) is made with reliable materials carefully selected to provide rugged and reliable usability against biological threats such as viruses and bacterial disease. The blower feeds an over pressure system with HEPA P3 filtered air. The fresh air flows from head to feet for comfort. The air is filtered again as it is expelled from the unit. the battery powered blower provides up to 8 hours independent operation time. The unit comes packed in a PVC case which can be decontaminated if necessary.

Ensuring Unmatched Protection Against Biological Threats

In terms of making healthcare safer, the Infectious Patient Isolation Pod (IPIP) is a significant step forward. With careful attention to detail, this quickly deployable one-patient evacuation system raises the bar for protecting against CBRN risks like bacterial and viral diseases. The IPIP is a defender of lives and a sign of progress. It is the future of healthcare safety.

 Rugged Construction for Unrivalled Usability

The IPIP is constructed with robust military-spec materials, handpicked to ensure resilience in the face of biological threats. Our two primary design aims are to provide both rugged durability and reliable usability, making it an indispensable tool in critical situations. We designed this product with the motto- anywhere, anytime, under any conditions.

HEPA P3 Filtered Air: A Breath of Fresh Safety

Our Scott Proflow blower moves HEPA P3-filtered air to a mechanism that checks for overpressure. This is what the IPIP is all about. This clever design ensures fresh air flows continuously from head to toe for maximum comfort.

Dual Filtration: Protecting Both Inside and Out

The IPIP not only thinks about the safety of the patient inside but also of the surroundings outside. The air pushed out is filtered again to ensure no contaminants get out of the unit. This dual-filtration system shows that complete safety is still a priority.

Extended Operation Time with Battery Power

The battery in the blower is stable, and it can run independently for up to 8 hours. In long-term situations, this feature ensures that the IPIP works, providing a safe environment for patients and healthcare workers.

Seamless Monitoring and Treatment Capabilities

The IPIP goes beyond isolation; it facilitates continuous monitoring and treatment of the patient. Equipped with a feed-through set for IV, O2, and monitor cables, this system ensures that medical professionals can provide the necessary care without compromising safety.

However, our IPIP unit is also customisable for additional safety, i.e. extra glove inserts, because we know you need to be able to change. This feature makes the system more flexible, allowing for specific needs and a more personalised approach to patient care.

Protecting ALL on the Front Lines and Spaces Inside

As its primary goal was to protect medical staff from getting sick from other patients, the IPIP is a shining example of how to protect those on the front lines. But it protects more than just people; it protects the working environment and ensures the healthcare environment is safe.

To sum up, the IPIP isn't just a clever piece of technology; it's also an example of how healthcare safety has changed over time. Its well-thought-out form and high-tech features make it an essential tool in the ongoing fight against infectious diseases. The IPIP is a defender of lives and a sign of progress. It is the future of healthcare safety.

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Basic information

  • Weight with blower - 15kg.
  • Length - deployed 215cm.
  • Width - deployed 80cm.
  • Set-up time under 5 minutes.
  • Operation time - up to 8 hours with battery.


  • P3 HEPA filtration.
  • Protection factor: 3570 (ISO 29463-2:2018; EN 12942:2009).

Basic Set-up

  • Infectious Patient Isolation Pod.
  • Blower unit.
  • 5 filters HEPA P3.
  • Long sleeved bio resistant gloves.
  • Package.
  • User manual.

Optional Accessories

  • Feed through set for IV O2 and monitor cables.
  • Extra glove insertions.
  • Ambulance stretcher attachments.