Integrated CBR Detector

One detector to bind them all. ChemProX-DS is a chemical detector for fixed installations, which allows for both independent usage and system integration, featuring a local display with full CBRN system status.

J3Seven is a provider for CBRN equipment and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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Integrated CBR Detector

Designed and developed for being a resourceful instrument, ChemProX-DS permanently monitors, detects and classifies CWA's and TIC's, while it can serve as a network melting pot for other system components communication.

ChemProX-DS combines chemical detector performance and CBRN System Monitoring capabilities. All connected CBRN System network devices' statuses can be checked in ChemProX-DS user interface. Featuring industry-leading sensitivity and false alarm rejection, ChemProX-DS is the most user friendly and low-maintenance package of its class.

  • 24/7 chemical detection (CWA/TIC)
  • Versatile communication and connectivity
  • Local display with full system status
  • Built-in maintenance and instruction tools for operator guidance
  • Robust design for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Integrate to 3rd party systems (Modbus interface)
  • Automatic relay control
  • Compatible with previous Environics systems
  • Widely tested against relevant standards

ChemProX-DS is designed in a rugged housing to endure harsh and demanding environmental conditions, making it suitable for mobile and stationary detection systems. This includes platforms such as vessels, military vehicles, and critical infrastructures.

  • Naval and Maritime CBRN monitoring
  • Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance
  • Armoured CBRN Monitoring
  • Light CBRN Reconnaissance
  • Building CBRN Monitoring
  • Shelter CBRN Monitoring