Radionuclide Identifier Backpack and Source Location

RanidPro200 is a high performance and simple tool for radionuclide search, identification and location. Operator friendly, easy user interface with internal mapping and history functions. Automated gamma radiation localiser for finding multiple sources.

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Radionuclide Identifier Backpack and Source Location

RanidPro200 supports all commonly used wireless data transfer methods, and is able to be in constant contact with the control centres where the experts can process the measurements for more in-depth analysis.

  • High sensitivity with very low false alarm rate
  • Simple and operator friendly user interface
  • Internal mapping tool
  • Illustrative history function
  • High precision and fast localisation method which exceeds ANSI and IEC standard (15 degrees precision)
  • Remote control through a smartphone interface
  • Full reach back capability

From locating orphan sources, to enhancing the radiological safety of critical infrastructures, and preventing illegal smuggling of radioactive material into a Countries crossing border section, the radionuclide identifier backpack with added source location can also be integrated with both light and armoured reconnaissance vehicles. It can also be used as a surveying tool of potentially hazardous areas by first response teams, or for monitoring high security events.

  • First Response CBRN Monitoring
  • Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance
  • Light CBRN Reconnaissance
  • Border CBRN Monitoring
  • Mass Events

RanidSOLO is a valuable add-on for RanidPro200 enabling to track down multiple sources of gamma radiation. It operates as an automatic and reliable system, providing accurate directional information, within a challenging short time frame. This allows the operators in mission to easily track down one or even multiple sources of radiation.