Single Vessel Oxygen Storage System

The SVOSS is a large volume, mobile compressed oxygen workstation developed for the operational applications such as medical, high-altitude jumping, and exothermic breaching.

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Single Vessel Oxygen Storage System

The SVOSS provides up to 339CF (at 3000psi) of compressed oxygen, it is a sizeable, portable reservoir of compressed oxygen provides a team with a significant advantage, especially when a large oxygen supply is needed.



  • Single 1910 cu-in aluminium lined carbon fibre cylinders.
  • CGA540 fill port with isolation ON/OFF valve.
  • Cylinder and outlet pressure gauge.
  • Adjustable regulator for output adjustment.
  • Three QD outlets for connecting multiple LP O2 hoses.
  • Removable and stowable wheels for system stacking and mobility when required.
  • Built in mounting system for connecting multiple SVOSS systems together.
  • Capacity: 9.584L at 3000psi (9.6 cubic meters).
  • Weight: 41.7kg empty/ 46.7kg filled at 3000psi.
  • Dimensions: 1435mm H x 305 mm D x 305mm W.