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Unlock your operations’ full potential with the Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT). Enhance your operational efficiency and ensure reliable performance in the most challenging environments. 

Common FAQs about Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT):

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Operations with the Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT)

The Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT) is a state-of-the-art diagnostic device designed to measure and replicate DC voltage in various critical applications. This tool is essential for professionals in defence, law enforcement, emergency services, and key industrial sectors. Discover the key features and benefits of this advanced voltage duplication tool below.

Key Features of the Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT)

Full Functionality Self-Test on Start-Up

Ensures the device operates correctly before use, enhancing reliability and safety in critical operations.

Reverse Polarity Protection Safety Feature

Protects the device and user from damage due to incorrect polarity connections, ensuring safe operation.

Bi-Directional Voltage Output

It allows for flexible voltage measurement and replication in both directions, making the VDT versatile and efficient.

Internal Hot-Chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

It provides long-lasting power with the convenience of hot charging, ensuring the device is always ready for use.

Low Profile 3-Button User Interface

Simplifies operation with an intuitive design, allowing for easy and efficient use even in demanding conditions.

Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT) Equipment Summary

  • Weight: 143g 
  • Dimensions: 61mm x 52mm x 37mm
  • Operational Temperature Range: -10⁰C to 40⁰C 
  • Battery Life: 8 hours of operational use
  • Enclosure: Ruggedised PA12
  • Cable Options: Ultra-flexible silicone or hardwearing PVC
  • Adjustable Backlight: Allows the user to set full, dim, or off
  • Battery Display: Percentage displayed during use.
  • Energy Saving Mode: Preserves battery life once deployed.
  • Compliance: All PCBs and soldering adhere to IPC-3 standards (aerospace, military, and medical applications).
  • Calibration and Testing: Undergoes detailed calibration and testing with individual test records available upon request.

Applications and Benefits of the Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT)

Military and Defence
The VDT is designed to meet the stringent requirements of military applications. Its rugged construction, reliable performance, and quick deployment capabilities make it ideal for defence operations.

Technical and Engineering
Precision and reliability are paramount in technical fields. The VDT’s advanced features ensure accurate measurements and dependable performance, making it a valuable tool for engineers and technicians.

Emergency Services
Quick and reliable voltage measurement and replication are crucial in emergencies. The VDT’s ease of use and minimal preparation time ensure that emergency responders can deploy it swiftly and effectively.


What makes the VDT different from other voltage duplication tools?

The VDT features a complete functionality self-test on start-up, reverse polarity protection, and bi-directional voltage output, setting it apart from other tools. These features ensure reliable performance, ease of use, and safety in demanding environments.

Can the VDT be customised for specific needs?

Yes, the VDT is available with a choice of ultra-flexible silicone or hardwearing PVC cables, and the adjustable backlight level allows for customisation to suit specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the VDT meets the unique needs of different applications.

How does the VDT ensure safety during use?

The VDT includes reverse polarity protection and is made from ruggedised PA12 with a non-conductive body, providing excellent electrical insulation. The device undergoes detailed calibration and testing to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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Unlock your operations' full potential with the Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT). Enhance your operational efficiency and ensure reliable performance in the most challenging environments.