Contributing to Australia’s National Security


Contributing to Australia’s national security is something we are proud of.

We see the people who we work with today as helping shape the future of tomorrow’s industry.

Our team is collaborative, resourceful and always up for the challenge, working closely with partners to create practical and sustainable solutions to the most hazardous risks on the face of the planet.

If you are passionate about making global technology, insight and expertise a local capability for Australia, J3Seven could be the perfect place to take the next step in your career.


Building on decades of frontline experience and knowledge we research, imagine, innovate and integrate the best equipment the world has to offer.

At J3Seven, we have built our business on an unwavering spirit of ingenuity and trusted relationships with suppliers and purchasers who share our values and absolute focus on human safety and wellbeing.

By constantly striving to reach further and learn more from the global community, we enjoy keeping our partners up to date and well equipped to outpace emerging threats.


We are focused on human safety and protection to secure our national livelihood.

On our team you will access intelligence of our global product partners and Australia’s service people to strengthen relationships with quality suppliers and purchasers.

We would equip you with professional development opportunities that enable you to co-create practical, sustainable and innovative solutions to the most hazardous risks on the planet.

With an ever-learning mindset, we proactively anticipate critical threats and work together to respond safely to the matters of urgency to protect Australia’s national livelihood.

Join Us

The collaborative team at J3Seven are the masterminds behind many of Australia’s most significant CBRNE break-through projects.

We embrace people with a diverse skillset spanning risk analysis, engineering, sourcing, systems integration and user training that helps partners to overcome challenges which originally seemed insurmountable.