Equipment maintenance and Service

Premium Technical Support

Our team of experts will work closely with our clients to create a customised maintenance plan that fits your specific needs and goals. By implementing best practices and leveraging our expertise, you will experience faster turnaround times, streamlined warranties, service contracts, and significant cost savings..

We provide a one-stop shop supplying all equipment and integrated systems maintenance solutions, saving you time and money.

As a DEFCON-approved subcontractor, we have spent years building a world-class team, and unmatched tools, to provide premium technical support and repair for your CBRNE and exploitation equipment.

Maintenance Management

Through Life Support

J3Seven offers a unique and cost-effective approach to managing your CBRNE and exploitation equipment maintenance. Our considerable operational experience has enabled us to develop a suite of complimentary services, including operator maintenance training, survey and quote, and our through-life scheduled maintenance program, tailored to your specific needs.

Local Repairs

J3Seven’s fixed-price maintenance management plans will cover your through-life support needs, giving you control over costs and maximising uptime. You will save time and money because we are local – Australian-owned and operated, and have a clear understanding of Australian conditions and culture. We have two strategically-located workshops staffed by highly-trained and experienced technical experts.

Technical Support

24/7 Web Support

Troubleshooting, and many repairs, can also be done over the phone.

Business Support

Our workshop staff will quickly and efficiently address any equipment issues, keeping service time, and thus cost, to a minimum. With maintenance planning, minor problems are picked up before they become major, and expensive issues.

OEM Trained SME’s

Our service delivery is expertly enabled by our OEM-certified technicians, our world-class repair facilities, and our inventory management software. As a leading CBRNE and exploitation supplier, maintainer and trainer, we will also liaise with OEMs on your behalf to drive innovation and ensure quality outcomes. If you have an equipment maintenance issue – give us a call!

Knowledge Base

Maintenance shouldn’t be a burden, it should proactive; planned, and not reactive. That is how we work – its all about uptime. We want your equipment to spend as much time as possible working effectively for you, and will make sure your equipment is repaired on time and on-budget.

Instrument Repair

OEM Trained SME’s

When things go wrong, send it to us. We’ll assess the problem, provide a quote, and when approved, our skilled technicians will repair and get you back on-line, on-time and on-budget.

Repair of analytical equipment

J3Seven is your maintenance partner, and the conduit between you, and the manufacturer and supplier (i.e. OEM and PSI). We are that conduit because we are experts in your equipment and its repair, and have a strong relationship with the manufacturer. As your one-stop shop, we will make sure your equipment is repaired effectively, quickly, on-budget and on time. Our relationship with OEMs revolves specifically around equipment being fit-for-purpose in harsh field environments – the heat, the dust and the distance. We will advocate on your behalf with the manufacturer, to make sure your equipment is the best it can be for the conditions in which you operate.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified Service Centre