Military-Grade Excellence from Aussie Combat Vets

Let me tell you a story. Imagine being out in the harsh Australian bushland, carrying gear that weighs a tonne (well, maybe not literally, but you get the idea!). The unforgiving sun is beating down, and you’re drenched in sweat. But we trained for this as Sappers and combat engineers in the legendary Royal Australian Engineers. We knew our equipment and skills had to be military-grade—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. 

Fast-forward to today with J3Seven. Guess what? We’re still those same rugged, dependable professionals with a uniquely tactical mindset. But now, we’re bringing that unrivalled expertise to you!  Advisable, proficient, and precise – you can count on us for mission-critical support. Our world-class offerings cover all the bases: top-shelf equipment, highly trained professional instruction (none of that amateur stuff!), and comprehensive maintenance to keep your gear field-ready 24/7. 

Need mil-spec gear that can take a beating? No problem! CBRNe preparedness? Been there, done that. Innovative custom solutions for your unique scenario? That’s our bread and butter! Our qualified problem-solvers have you covered with tailored, future-proof systems. Here’s what sets J3Seven apart. We’re not just “ex-vets” stuck in the past. We have a future-forward approach combined with the discipline and attention to detail you’d expect from elite Australian soldiers. As an energetic veteran-owned and operated company, we move with the times to provide the dynamic, resilient support you need to dominate the field. 

From the legendary units that forged our vital team to our advanced offerings, J3Seven exemplifies peak professionalism and expertise. We are THE authentic subject matter experts – no imitations or posers here! Our sole mission is to keep you operationally prepared for whatever comes your way. Look, we’ve operated at the highest levels imaginable. We know what it means to have a dependable team watching your back. That’s the unrivalled experience, responsibility, and never-quit loyalty we bring to every engagement. With a culture steeped in dedication and stability, J3Seven is the steadfast, trusted partner you deserve. 

This is THE real deal—positive, hand-in-glove service from an exclusive veteran-owned Aussie business that understands what it takes to get things done right. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Browse our offerings at and see for yourself. Then reach out—we’re ready to make your mission a success!





Gareth is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of J3Seven Pty Ltd. Serving over 20 years in the Australian Defence Force as a Royal Australian Engineer, Gareth has a wealth of knowledge in CBRNE operations, live agent training and strategic capability development. When Gareth has free time from work, he enjoys golf and spending time with his family.



Brett has 25 years’ experience in Defence both as a contractor and serving member with 10 years’ experience as a Royal Australian Engineer in the Australian Defence Force. He has an intimate understanding of CBRNE operations, live agent training and strategic capability development. He also has extensive experience in design and delivery of military training modules and OEM certified training. Brett enjoys fishing at every opportunity as well as an occasional round of golf.



Aimee works at J3Seven as the Marketing Officer, having previous experience as a marketing manager and real estate photographer. Through her passion for Graphic Design, Aimee has recently completed her bachelor of design to enhance her skills in design and marketing. Aside from work, Aimee enjoys the outdoors, sightseeing in the local Cairns area with her dog, and spending time with friends and family.



Sarah has 20 Years of experience in Operational and Programme management which she applies in her role as an Operations Officer at J3Seven. Sarah participates in several local community organisations after work, including a book club and a local choir. She loves to spend time outside with her small family and enjoys Pilates.



Danny is the Training and Technical Officer of J3Seven Pty Ltd, having over 20 years’ experience as a Royal Australian Engineer in the Australian Defence Force. He has a comprehensive understanding of Chemical, Biological, Radiological Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Defence, along with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Military Forensics Operations.



With a long and diverse career within the Royal Australian Engineers, Sean has received extensive cross-training and operational experience across several specialist combat and humanitarian roles. Sean’s responsibilities as a Senior Instrument technician include maintaining a fleet of advanced high-pressure tactical equipment. This includes SCBA, exothermic cutting, compressor systems and supporting devices. Sean also looks after warehousing, packing and distribution in and out of Head Quarters.



Teiren is a versatile and skilled administrative expert with over 15 years of significant experience in a variety of administration areas. Equipped with a Diploma in Administration, she has refined her skills in optimising processes, effectively allocating resources, and preserving smooth workflows in busy settings. When Teiren has free time, she enjoys a good cup of coffee. Her positive attitude is demonstrated by her commitment to finding a work-life balance.



Having completed a Diploma in Community Services, for 15 years Sam has enjoyed working in management and finance roles. Alongside working in J3Seven, Sam also provides financial assistance to several Community Organisations based in Melbourne.  Outside of working for J3Seven, Sam loves being outdoors and enjoys swimming, walking, reading, catching up with family, and a glass or two of wine.





With over a decade in international and national logistics and client delivery, Damien leads the logistics and client support team. Damien facilitates the manufacturing and delivery of equipment in accordance with the SCCP, Rollout Plan and Ongoing Support Plans. His productive relationships and deep experience with customs and local delivery firms ensure smooth transport arrangements. Damien’s responsibilities include and are not limited to conducting onshore inspections of equipment, managing the supply chain and the risk and response to urgent issues and unforeseen events, supervise packing and distribution of equipment, and enter stock maintenance and reports.



After 25+ years experience working as a plumber and more than 10 years running his own successful business, Len joined the team at J3Seven and has since aquired a number of qualifications help him fulfil his role within the business. Len is currently working to further up-skill his qualifications as an accredited instrument technician while providing support across various domains within J3Seven. Len enjoys going camping and spend time with his family when he’s not working.



Alex works at J3Seven as a scientific instrument technician, where her role includes the operation, maintenance, and repair of scientific equipment and the delivery of operational training. She has abundant knowledge in science and chemistry, having completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science with a major in Chemistry at Western Sydney University, followed by a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford. When Alex isn’t working at the warehouse, she likes to travel, craft, and spend time with her pets.



Paul joined the J3Seven team after 20 years of military service predominantly within the Australian Special Forces. He has an extensive background in Military Parachuting including capability development, high profile parachute displays, maintenance and instruction of both static line and free fall parachuting. Within J3Seven, his role includes the operation, maintenance and technical advice of the Virtual Reality (VR) Raptor Parachute Simulation systems located in NSW. Paul resides on the Coast NSW on a small hobby farm. His interests include parachuting, horse riding, camping and spending time with his family.





For 30+ years, Michael has built a career on a simple principle: the customer reigns supreme. He thrives on understanding their needs and delivering outcomes that best solve their problems. A love for learning and embracing cutting-edge technology allows him to empower his customers to offer tomorrow’s solutions today. In his spare time, Michael enjoys learning from YouTube and watching sports.