Tactical Training And Courses

Strengthen Your Capabilities

Life-threatening situations on diverse terrain, fear, physical hardship, and adversaries seeking to kill – are just some of the challenges facing those who defend our nation daily.

Every service person must be prepared to accomplish their mission as a member of their team, whether you are a soldier, sailor, submariner, pilot, police officer, medic, or logistician.

At J3Seven, we are passionate about delivering customised training for service people on the front line, enabling you to realise your operational potential and return safely to your loved ones.

The preparatory testing, evaluating, and validating of skills through dynamic exercises in immersive terrains is critically important.

Covering all specialised disciplines, J3Seven provides custom services to suit your requirements, including complete exercise design and planning, training and certification, and full-service logistics support at our domestic and international training sites.

We can replicate the most realistic natural and manmade disasters to strengthen your capabilities.

Technical Assistance

Gain Operational Awareness

Our training team is highly experienced in CBRNE and exploitation field operations. We provide training, simulation and support services to keep your team finely-tuned, and ready to evaluate, navigate, engage and protect vital assets.

Cutting-Edge Operational Performance

J3Seven will deliver an effective hands-on training approach to ensure your team know their equipment and its use, inside-out. We are fully aware that lives may depend on your team’s quick, confident and safe use of their equipment.

Training Venues

In-House or On-Site Training

We have international experience in delivering comprehensive and effective CBRNE and exploitation training. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team provide the full range of courses, targeted to your specific needs, skill level (Basic to Advanced) and equipment. All courses can be conducted at our facilities or can be in-company. Contact us to discuss your training requirements.

Training Support

Subject Matter Experts

J3Seven will deploy security-cleared personnel to deliver CBRNE and exploitation response training and coaching around Australasia. We provide tailored 1-on-1, or full-team training, for live-testing agents, emergency responders, law enforcement officers and security specialists, to make sure you have absolute confidence in your equipment before venturing into the field.

Complete Maintenance Management

Firstly, we will train your team in field operator maintenance. If the problem persists, we will help you resolve it over the web or phone. More serious issues would be dealt with at our Sydney repair facility, eliminating the need to send equipment overseas, and minimising repair time and cost. J3Seven makes operational readiness management so much easier.

Operator Maintenance Training

We design and deliver tailored equipment and through-life operator-maintenance training solutions. Our experienced professionals will empower you to effectively and efficiently use your equipment, perform basic field repair and maintenance, and troubleshoot when things go wrong.