Meet us at LAND FORCES 2020 – Stand GC11

In a world where information is critical, the difference between life and death may just be a matter of what you know and when. At this year’s Land Forces, we are showcasing the latest in exploitation, forensics and detection technology to strengthen Defence capabilities, tighten border security and enable first responders to ‘know sooner and act faster’.

As experts in counter CBRNE and exploitation, we have seen firsthand how the increasing importance of rapid data capture, significantly improves the ability to analyse and generate actionable intelligence. We understand that saving time, by making smart operational choices, contributes to the security of the country and preserves the lives of those who serve to protect everyone who call Australia home.

From media and device exploitation to DNA and biometrics, J3Seven is showcasing leading-edge solutions that allow Australian Military and first responders to accurately sample and analyse critical information.



Rapidly preserve and automatically examine data stored on computers, phones and mass storage devices, with our mobile forensic intelligence solution, SPEKTOR. This technology enables army and other intelligence agencies to gather media, browser history, encrypted data, mobile activity and backups, digital chat, social media, emails and documents in the field. Complete with digital triage software, SPEKTOR can acquire and analyse more data in less time, so you can preserve and respond to intelligence faster.


Ideal for mobile biometric capture, BioSled, is designed for tactical environments such as warzones, customs and border control, humanitarian situations and natural disasters. When you need to identify individuals quickly and effectively, this device captures the data and aids fast identification.

Utilising the Samsung Galaxy S®5 Android smartphone as its host, the BioSled provides several native features, such as the built-in GPS for collecting location data, and the SAP 52 compliant, 16 mega-pixel camera captures facial images and other distinguishing features such as scars or tattoos.


A world-first in CBRN monitoring, we are proud to showcase a truly unique handheld chemical detector that can classify CWAs and TICs, including Phosgene. The wireless connection network with GPS capabilities provides full situational awareness during field operations. The device can be used as a handheld detector or stand-off component as part of a field deployable network.

Suitable for military, border control, mass events and security, J3Seven is showcasing the ChemPro X, a new generation of handheld chemical detector, at this year’s Land Forces.


A sovereign capability solution developed by J3Seven, HAZABAX is an augmented reality sandbox, that provides real time scenario modelling utilising geospatial mapping and topography. This revolutionary technology, with real-time weather data, provides the military and crisis responders with reliable and timely simulation data using verified and validated nuclear blast modelling, with the view to expand this to include chemical and biological plume modelling.

Able to run both offline (standalone) and online, HAZABAX has worldwide coverage and can be used for both simulation training and live exercises. GPS tracking enables personnel to both avoid hazardous situations, and plan additional response teams to mitigate casualties and wounded in a live environment. Future developments include the addition of historical event simulations, natural disaster modelling, pre-mission rehearsals and cross-platform support.

Visit us a Land Forces, stand GC11, to see a working prototype in action!


Rapid DNA can be used by non-technical operators, such as first responders, to process natural disaster or crime scene samples by generating human DNA IDs that are compatible with worldwide DNA databases in less than two hours. The fully portable device passes military grade ruggedisation tests, with no reliance on a laboratory. This opens up the application usage, from military and counter terrorism through to law enforcement and immigration.