Industry leader in CBRNE

As a proven industry leader in CBRNE, we are passionate about making the best global technology, insights and expertise a local capability for Australia.

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Our Customers

Specialised Areas

Our customers work within specialised areas across Defence, Emergency Response, and Law Enforcement, and require world-class protection.

We achieve this through cutting-edge CBRNE and exploitation equipment, maintenance, and through-life support, training, and strategic advisory.

We provide support to Australia’s service people and related positions and industries, spanning:


(Land / Air / Sea)

As a 100% Australian veteran-owned business with a staff of predominantly exservice personnel, we understand what soldiers, sailors, and aircrew need to complete today’s missions.

While our Defence forces are managing the current crises, we are also anticipating their next challenge, continually researching the latest innovations to ensure we can make these next-generation solutions available when they’re called for.

We pride ourselves on our ability to support both Australia’s Defence force and the Primes who supply it.

Emergency Response

(Humanitarian / Natural Disasters / Crisis Management)

Emergency services are increasingly on the frontline responding to manmade and natural disasters. This can mean an increased risk of exposure to chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) threats.

Secondary CBR containment poses an additional risk to the safety and well-being of other workers and civilians. While fire, flood, and drought crises can threaten precious food and water systems.

We provide cutting-edge technology to sense, detect and mitigate CBR threats. We also provide systems that enable food and clean water to be made available quickly to those who need it most.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide innovative solutions to Australia’s Emergency Services, and we aim to continually enhance our CBR and disaster response solutions.

Law Enforcement

(Border Security / Police / Agencies)

Our police, border security, and varied agency personnel face a myriad of threats while conducting their duties, ranging from crowd control and public order management to tactical missions, rescues, and bomb disposal.

Leveraging our deep experience, we deliver world-class equipment, gear, and technology to all those enforcing our sovereign law.

In particular, we provide solutions that enable the fast, accurate, and reliable collection of forensic data and biometrics, critical to this sector’s activities.