Aerial Radiation Detector

The J3Seven Aerial Radiation detector is a radiation detector designed for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). It is used to detect, locate, measure, map and identify radioactive sources from above. The R430 provides a balance of size and weight for various situations including survey, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.

J3Seven is a provider for CBRN equipment and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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Aerial Radiation Detector

The R430 is integrated into the R70's Mission Control Software (MCS) providing visible and audible alerts that expedite response measures.

Evaluate radioactive threats from a safe distance

Time, distance, and shielding are key in radiation safety. The MUVE R430 can perform an initial assessment, create a contamination map, or interrogation of a nefarious source while being operated from a safe distance.

Reduce reaction times

Quick deployment allows for rapid threat assessment even in areas where contamination would be difficult to access normally.

Tried and trusted

The R430 uses the same detection and spectroscopic algorithms as the other identiFINDER instruments, providing detection and identification of radioactive sources you can trust.