CB Stand-Off Detector

The Falcon 4G series are laser-based CB standoff detectors that can detect, identify and quantify chemical and biological warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals using absorption of laser radiation caused by molecules of agents, and evaluating particle size using DISC technology.

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CB Stand-Off Detector

They have a long detection range, are fast, highly sensitive, portable and are quickly manoeuvrable. Available in tripod and mobile versions, they can be utilised by military and first responders to passively monitor high profile areas, special risk targets, airports and ports, and urban and industrial areas.


Detect, identify and quantify CWAs, TICs and BWAs with active laser technology.


Up to a 6000m detection range and high sensitivity.


The only combat proven active CWA stand-off detector.

Easy to use

Fast start-up and detection time, with no calibration required.