Chemical Sampling Kit

Tools for chemical sampling cleaned/screened for over 10 chemical warfare-related compounds and a list of TICs/TIMs.

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Chemical Sampling Kit

Key Features

  • Tools for biological sampling are sterile
  • Obtain 9 chemical (liquid, wipe or solid), 11 biological (liquid, wipe, solid), 6 radiological (wipe), 3 explosives samples and 3 powder screening kits
  • Field portable, self-contained backpack
  • Items packaged for single use and easy opening in PPE
  • Each kit individually serial numbered for reach back
  • Each item in the kit can be purchased individually for easy resupply
  • Kit is separated by coloured modules to easily find sampling item based on sample type
  • Customised kits are available
  • Training kit is available that is identical to the real kit, except the backpack colour and items are not cleaned/screened or sterile
  • Size: 55.9cm x 33cm x 28cm
  • Weight: approximately 14.5kg