Electronic Diagnostic Boxes

Precision Diagnostic Operations

Unlock the full potential of your diagnostic operations with Electronic Diagnostic Boxes. Enhance your operational efficiency and ensure reliable performance in the most challenging environments.

Common FAQs about Electronic Diagnostic Boxes:

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Optimise Your Diagnostic Operations with Electronic Diagnostic Boxes

The Electronic Diagnostic Boxes are advanced devices designed to facilitate the practice of electronic diagnostic render-safe procedures. Essential for professionals in the defence, law enforcement, emergency services, and key industrial sectors, these diagnostic boxes ensure efficiency and precision. Discover the key features and benefits of these state-of-the-art diagnostic tools below.

Key Features of the Electronic Diagnostic Boxes

Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery

It provides up to 16 hours of battery life, ensuring prolonged operational use in demanding environments.

Micro USB Charging & Hot Chargeable

Allows for convenient recharging, ensuring the devices are always ready for use.

Alpha-Numeric Display

Offers clear and precise information, aiding in accurate diagnostics and adjustments.

Ruggedised Pelican Case Enclosure

Ensures durability and protection, making the diagnostic boxes suitable for harsh conditions.

Visual and Audible Feedback

Provides real-time feedback, enhancing user interaction and operational efficiency.

Reconfigurable Setup

Prevents users from learning standardised setups, ensuring versatile training scenarios.

Versatile Cable Compatibility

It can be used with an ethernet cable or custom cables, offering flexibility in various applications.

Electronic Diagnostic Boxes Equipment Summary

  • Dimensions: 270mm x 250mm x 115mm 
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Variants
    • Box 1: Passive Switches – Includes Normally Open, Normally Closed, and adjustable Resistive End of Line loop.
    • Box 2: 12V Commercial PIR – Adjustable Resistive End of Line sensor
    • Box 3: Voltage Sensor – Adjustable voltage output
    • Box 4: Small 12V PIR and Reed Switch – Adjustable Resistive End of Line 4-wire sensor and Normally Closed, current shifting reed switch

Applications and Benefits of the Electronic Diagnostic Boxes

Military and Defence

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of military applications, these diagnostic boxes ensure reliable performance and quick deployment capabilities, making them ideal for defence operations.

Technical and Engineering

Precision and reliability are paramount in technical fields. These diagnostic boxes' advanced features ensure accurate diagnostics and dependable performance, making them valuable tools for engineers and technicians.

Emergency Services

Quick and reliable diagnostics are crucial in emergencies. These diagnostic boxes' ease of use and minimal preparation time ensure that emergency responders can deploy them swiftly and effectively.


What makes the Electronic Diagnostic Boxes different from other diagnostic tools?

These diagnostic boxes feature built-in lithium-ion batteries, alpha-numeric displays, and reconfigurable setups, setting them apart from other tools. These features ensure reliable performance, ease of use, and versatility in demanding environments.

Can the Electronic Diagnostic Boxes be customised for specific needs?

Yes, the diagnostic boxes offer versatile cable compatibility and adjustable settings, ensuring they meet the unique needs of different applications.

How do the Electronic Diagnostic Boxes ensure safety and reliability during use?

The ruggedised Pelican case enclosure, visual and audible feedback, and compliance with IPC-3 standards for aerospace, military, and medical applications provide excellent durability and safety.