EOD Protection Equipment

Explore the range of specialised tools and equipment variety designed for high-risk missions.

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Bomb Protection Blankets and Rings

The bomb protection blankets are an efficient means of quickly and easily providing effective protection against potentially explosive objects such as USBVs (Unconventional Explosive and Incendiary Devices). Covering the suspected object can contain the effects of an explosion such as fragments, detonation pressure, flame and heat.

The blankets are an excellent tool for tactical response teams who need to withdraw themselves and vulnerable individuals from the danger zone while minimising the impact of suspected IEDs.

The optimal protective effect of the covers is achieved in combination with the spacer ring (BSR). The blankets are available in various splinter protection classes and in various sizes and designs.

Bomb Protection Blankets

Bomb Transport Container

The Bomb Transport Container is used for the safe transport of for example, letter bombs or other USBVs (unconventional explosive and incendiary devices) and effectively protects against fragmentation and detonation pressure.

The container has several carrying straps and can be carried by one or two people.

Bomb Transport Container

EOD Bomb Shield

The fragmentation shield is used to effectively protect EOD/IEDD personnel against the effects of fragmentation and detonation pressure.

The protective shield has telescopic legs and a carrying handle. The viewing pane and the manipulation openings allow protected observation and manipulation of an object suspected of being explosive. The shield is available in different protection classes. A set of wheels are also available.

Demining Clearance Apron

Military-grade demining clearance apron serves as a vital protective attire worn during missions dedicated to the safe clearance of landmines and unexploded ordnances. Its primary objective is to serve as an unparalleled shield against the perils of shards, shrapnel, and explosive materials encountered during the demining process.

The apron is optimised for use with the DMH-2 mine protection helmet or a mine protection visor, and it is available in different colours.

The requirements for IMAS 10.30 are met.

Demining Clearance Apron

Anti-Mine Helmet

The lightweight mine protection helmet is ideal for mine detection and clearance tasks.

The helmet is optimised to use with the LSA-4 mine protection suit or the DMA-2 mine protection apron, and it is available in different sizes and colours.

The suit meets requirements of IMAS 10.30. The detachable visor is available in two different protection classes.

Anti-Mine Helmet