Exothermic Cable

The SPO exothermic cable is a consumable electrode, flexible spiral cable that is manufactured exclusively by SPO.

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Exothermic Cable

The cable consists of six bundles of high tensile steel wire. The cordless cable is surfaced with a rough ultraviolet inhibitor, which is encased in a plastic sheath. To facilitate connection, one side of the exothermic cable has a threaded male fitting that attaches to the charging handle leaving the other end for cutting. The exothermic cable is manufactured in three diameters: 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.



  • Longer burn time.
  • Ability to cut in hard-to-reach spots without frequent rod or cable changing.
  • No electrical hazard after ignition. The electrical circuit is used only for igniting the exothermic cable.
  • Cuts underwater as well as on the surface.
  • Lightweight.
  • Only oxygen is needed to fuel the burning of the cable.