Exothermic Cutting Rods

The SPO Exothermic Cutting Rod is a unique, 100% reliable, fast ignition exothermic cutting rod for use with the Silent Entry Torch System (SETS) line of products.

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Exothermic Cutting Rods

Unlike traditional collet style rods, the exothermic cutting rod is equipped with a quick connect/disconnect fitting. This unique feature along with the capability to ignite using a 9V battery makes this rod revolutionary in breaching technology.

The exothermic cutting rod offers a 1" for 1" (1:1) cutting ratio or better on 3/8" steel. This rod can be bent or curved without loss of performance, ideal for cutting in challenging and difficult situations and missions.



  • 9V battery ignition.
  • Quick connect/disconnect fitting.
  • Used with SETS Torch handle.
  • Available lengths: 305mm, 457mm, 610mm, 914mm and 1.2m.

Hot Rods are 100% made in the USA.