Exothermic Portable Aid Carrier

The X-PAC is the ultimate first responder kit. As a first responder, it is imperative to have the right tool for every situation.

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Exothermic Portable Aid Carrier

The X-PAC gives users the ability to cut through the most difficult materials in a portable, compact unit. In addition to exothermic cutting, users can administer medical aid using the same oxygen system. The X-PAC kit contents include a flame retardant blanket, medical O2 regulator with medical kit, and MOLLE sleeve carry case for O2 bottle. Hard or soft case is an option for the X-PAC.



  • Hansen Cutting Handle
  • Small Trauma Kit
  • Hot Rods (5 Cutting Rods 3.7m)
  • Crash Axe
  • Cold Fire Spray
  • Medical Breathing Kit
  • 2 Chem-Lights red 2 hour
  • FR-Blanket
  • Medical Shears

Capacity 407L at 3000psi (207 bar).