Forensic Collection Kiosk

SPEKTOR Kiosk is easy to use, enabling front-line, non-forensic investigative users to perform a fast and forensically sound capture and review of data from digital devices, including computers and external storage media.

J3Seven is a provider for Forensic Tools and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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Forensic Collection Kiosk

Reduced Risk

The more thorough, faster and forensically sound the collection and triage, the greater the chances of catching the data that support your investigation and minimise mis steps.

Cost Effective

The speed, east and defensibility of SPEKTOR-enabled collection lightens the load on labs and investigative teams, minimising inefficiencies and maximising value.

Light Touch

SPEKTOR's ultra-fast collection speed minimises operational impact, meaning business doesn't have to stop and pay the price of further disruption or device replacement.

Robust Defensibility

SPEKTOR ensures forensically sound collections, with analysed devices left untouched by the imaging process, and a full audit trail and image library to underpin process integrity.