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Half-Face Gas Mask

Here are just a few of the common mistakes people make when they buy a half-face gas mask:

  1. Never buy cheap. Your life is worth more than a few dollars extra it would take to buy the correct mask.
  2. All customised half-face masks must fit your purpose - filter connection and selection are critical.
  3. Any mask must properly fit, be easy to clean and have a simple set of instructions that are easy to follow, especially when connecting the filter
  4. They select the wrong filter mask combination, do not assume - 1 mask and one filter will offer 100% protection in all applications.

One quick, simple phone call or email could easily save your life.


Offering you our uniquely designed half-face gas masks/respirators for the protection and comfort of first responders such as firefighters, riot control units and rescue teams, plus the chemical & medical industry workforce. Applying decades of mask manufacturing experience, our half-face gas mask, when combined with suitable filters, provides superior protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents in the form of gases, vapours, solids and liquid aerosols.

Because of the form-fitting construction, their universal size has sealing edges that ensure the perfect tightness to all adult face shapes and sizes, except for children. We designed the easily washable silicone face piece for comfort, allowing users to wear the respirator for long periods in any weather.

Thanks to its anatomical shape, the mask ensures excellent tightness yet is compatible with protective goggles. The mesh stabiliser at the rear of the mask allows airflow to enhance comfort and air circulation under any headwear.


    Option 1 - Half Face Gas Mask - perfect for chemical & medical applications (DARP).

Robust half face mask with bi-directional air filtering. With a corresponding filter type,  DAPR® provides reliable protection for respiratory organs from dangerous substances like gases, vapours, solid and liquid aerosols, including dangerous organisms such as bacteria, viruses - Yes, including COVID-19, air-born spores plus many more.

  • Top-class integrated exhalation filters protect when the users encounter contaminated surroundings with dangerous bacteria, viruses, etc.
  • The filters are easy to apply and remove. After removing the exhalation filters and attaching the supplied caps, we can use the DAPR as an ordinary half mask.
  • The DAPR® permits filter connection using standard 40 mm EN 148-1 NATO (STANAG 4155) thread.
  • Thanks to the anatomical shape, it ensures excellent tightness, yet is compatible with protective goggles.
  • We made the DAPR® from high-quality sanitary silicone rubber, which does not cause skin irritation.
  • The system of two exhalation filters and the special design of the inhalation filter ensures low inhalation and exhalation resistance.
  • Cleaning of the half-mask cheekpiece is done with ordinary detergents or disinfectants commonly used in healthcare or in the home. Disinfectant used on filter surface with ordinary products used in healthcare or in the home.

    Option 2 - Half Face Gas Mask - offers the ability to inbuilt a microphone with no tools required (TARP).

The first fully certified half-face respirator for special operations, security actions and rescue teams. With a corresponding filter type, the TAPR provides reliable protection for respiratory organs from dangerous substances in the form of gases, vapours, solid and liquid aerosols, including dangerous organisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.

  • The protective function dictates the design and arrangement of the TAPR® when in constant communication with the user.
  • They designed the shape of the half mask sealing line based on military protective masks and excels in maintaining excellent tightness and comfort in long-term use.
  • The front filter mounting with a standard 40 mm NATO thread and exchangeable low-profile exhalation valve caps permits trouble-free use of equipment.
  • Three types of fastening systems for ARC rails of ballistic helmets, police riot control helmets and the low-profile head harness for use without a helmet or with a helmet without rails, provides full compatibility with any protective means used by security forces and rescue teams.
  • The TAPR is also compatible with protective goggles and shields in common use.
  • We can fit the TAPR® with a proprietary communication system that is mounted instead of an exhalation valve cap. This gives the user a communication interface with a sensitive microphone and connection to the required radio station, PTT, or headset. The microphone transmits speech and effectively reduce ambient noise. The system installation requires no special tools.