Gas Mask & Filters

Protection from Harmful Gases and Particles

Gas Mask & Filters – FAQ’s

  1. Can you buy gas masks in Australia?
  2. Does an N95 mask protect against gas? 
  3. How long will a gas mask & filter last?

J3Seven is a provider of CBRN equipment, training and maintenance services.

Gas Masks and Filters

Preferred by the Military and First Responders

The importance of assuring the safety of those who service and protect others is at the heart of what we stand for at J3Seven. J3Seven’s masks and filters protect soldiers, law enforcement and correctional facility personnel from chemical, biological, radiologic and nuclear threats whilst minimising the physical burden that CBRN equipment can impose.

The Gas Masks and Filters combination is lightweight and water-repellent, easily carrying as part of the standard military, defence and first responder equipment. An ideal solution for chemical industry professionals, the masks are water-repellent, chromium-free, and have exceptional breakthrough times.

With a long shelf life, our Gas Mask and filters meet NATO European and GOST standards. Reliable, comfortable and durable, the filter canisters and other protective equipment are suitable for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection of armed forces, rescue services and employees across various industries.

Protecting and preserving life without the inconvenience of cumbersome, outdated equipment gives you peace of mind that the equipment you supply to your teams is second to none.

Suitable applications include military, law enforcement/corrections and emergency services.

Gas Mask - Half Face

The half-face respirator/gas mask has been specially designed for the protection and comfort of first responders such as firefighters, riot control units and rescue teams.

Applying decades of mask manufacturing experience, when combined with suitable filters, provides superior protection against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear(CBRN) agents in the form of gases, vapours, solids and liquid aerosols.

Due to the form-fitting construction, their universal size has sealing edges, ensuring they are perfect for all adult face shapes and sizes, except for tiny faces. The material of the face piece is designed for comfort, allowing users to wear the respirator for long periods in any weather conditions.

Thanks to its anatomical shape, our mask ensures excellent tightness yet is compatible with protective goggles. The mesh stabiliser at the back allows airflow to enhance comfort and air circulation under helmets.

Technical Specification

Size Universal
Weight 200g
Facepiece Silicone
Shelf Life 5 Years
Inhalation Resistance (Pa) 15 Pa @30L/min (EN 50)
Exhalation Resistance (Pa) 135 Pa @160L/min (EN 300)
Filter Connection Rd 40x1/7"
Certified EN 136, EN 148-1


Our half-face mask is made of safe, non-irritating, high-quality silicon rubber. The materials are non-toxic, safe and do not cause skin irritation, even to sensitive skin, allowing users long-term use without discomfort. It is light and easy to put on and remove from the protective position. This mask is one of the most popular respirators and is compatible with firefighting helmets and goggles.

More Information is available on request.

Gas Mask & Filters - FAQ's

1/ Can you buy gas masks in Australia?

Yes, gas masks can be purchased in Australia. Several suppliers and distributors in Australia offer various gas masks for sale, including models designed for CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) applications. It's important to note that while there are no specific laws against owning gas masks in Australia, it is illegal for businesses to sell gas masks containing asbestos. However, with over 80 years of ADF experience, we can train you how to get optimum perforce from your mask and filter combination. 

2/ Does an N95 mask protect against gas?

N95 masks do not protect against gases. They are designed to protect against particulate matter such as dust, fumes, mists, aerosols, and smoke particulates. However, they do not filter toxic gases, vapours, or the smell of smoke. N95 masks are intended only for low hazard levels and are ineffective against chemicals, gases, or vapours. Therefore, if protection against gases is needed, adequately selected gas masks and respirators must be used.

3/ How long will a gas mask & filter last?

How long is a piece of string? The lifespan of a gas mask filter can vary based on the specific filter and environmental factors combined with the tasks being performed. Our filters have a "shelf-life" of up to 25 years and are vacuum-packed and sealed to ensure longevity. However, what makes us different is that we can custom-design gas masks & filters to fit your specific needs and industry.

Gas Mask Full Face

Our full-face mask provides outstanding penetration resistance to various chemical, biological and radiological agents, smoke and smoke-producing agents and industrial toxic gases.

Why our masks are the best Gas Mask -  BENEFITS

  • High user comfort and easy donning and doffing
  • High-quality speech diaphragm allows for easy communication with and without various additional communication devices
  • Highly compatible with helmets and first responder headgear
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Visor designed to protect against misting
  • Easy connection of spectacle devices
  • Sweat drainage through the exhalation chamber
  • Easy fluid intake ability
  • Easy decontamination and disinfection
  • Large panoramic polycarbonate window provides unobstructed viewing in all directions
  • Canister connection on the left and right side of the face piece
  • Super competitive on price thanks to volumes sold


Technical Specification

Average Weight 310g
Field of Vision 77% effective, 84% binocular
Filter Connection Thread Rd 40x1/7”
Resistance against penetration of CBN agents >24 hours
Inhalation Resistance  30 Pa @ 30 L/min, 100 Pa @ 95 L/min
Exhalation Resistance  60 Pa @ 30 L/min
Minimum intelligibility Min 95%
Functional Reliability -300C up to +700C
Facepiece Bromine-butyl rubber (non-irritating)
Inner mask and other rubber components Natural rubber (non-irritating)
Visor Polycarbonate
Plastic components Polyoximethylen, polyamid
Speech diaphragm PET
Head harness Rubber-textile


Accessories for Full Face Gas Mask


Spectacles Accessory

The spectacle accessory can be easily attached and allows those who rely on glasses to maintain clear vision while in service. The spectacle rim is supplied without prescription glass, enabling the user to have their bespoke prescription incorporated by their optometrist.

Drink Bottle & Silicone Insert

The respirator can also add a drink bottle and silicon mask insert for enhanced comfort. This model is called the CM-6MS option.

The drink bottle attaches to the respirator and allows easy drinking while fighting fires. Made of PE, it has a .81 litre volume capacity. The additional silicon shield offers additional visual quality and protection.

FIREFIT 2000 Carry Bag

The FireFit 2000 Carry Bag is designed to accommodate a half-face or a full-face mask with additional canisters. It is made of hard-wearing, fire-resistant material, ensuring durability in harsh conditions. It is lightweight and has an adjustable shoulder strap and loops to attach to a belt or other PPE. An extra waist belt can be supplied.

The design of the bag prevents condensation and impurities from getting inside. The FireFit 2000 closes with Velcro, allowing a secure respirator with a canister attached, which can be held firmly and safely in place to prevent mechanical damage. Extra canisters are placed in the lower, independent compartment, which can be firmly affixed within the bag and sealed to provide additional protection from hazards.

Black in colour, yellow fabric strips can be incorporated into the manufacturing process, and a label marked according to specifications can also be affixed. We also suggest this label has additional space names to easily identify bags.

The simple closing system with a vertical buckle lets the user open the bag quickly and put the mask on effectively. It can be easily opened with just one hand and is suitable for right- and left-handed users.


Dimensions 240 L x 115 W x 305 H mm
Weight 376 g
Strap Length 1.1m +/-10%
Operating Temperature -500C to +700C, fire resistant