Gas and Vapour Detector

The ChemProFXi is a permanently mounted gas and vapour detector that provides continuous 24 hour 7 day a week protection of fixed infrastructure from the threat of CWAs and selected TICs. It has industry-leading sensitivity and false alarm rejection in the most user friendly and low-maintenance package in its class.

J3Seven is a provider for CBRN equipment and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

Gas and Vapour Detector

ChemProFXi has been designed to cope and be easily integrated to demanding 3rd party building automation protection systems. ChemProFXi draws in an air sample using a continuous pump, and then uses an array of chemical detection technologies to detect, classify and measure toxic gases and vapours.

  • Industry leading sensitivity in CWA and TIC detection, false alarm rejection
  • Robust design for indoor and outdoor applications
  • No need to use sieves packs or dopants only simple dust filter
  • Optimal for 24/7 use
  • No calibration is required
  • Extensive and customisable TIC detection
  • Connectivity to 3rd party TIC sensor

ChemProFXi is a key component for critical infrastructure CBRN monitoring solutions and building security systems, delivering state-of-the-art chemical detection data. Its applications range from transportation hubs such as airports and metro stations, to government building protection, or integration into defence shelter CBRN filtration systems.

  • Building CBRN monitoring
  • Naval and Maritime CBRN Monitoring