High Pressure Multi-use Pass-Through Device

The HMPD is the world’s first high-pressure multi-use pass-through device designed for use with Level A protection suits. The device can be used with a variety of systems currently on the market, to include RIC systems, SCBA’s, and SAR lines for longer duration operations.

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High Pressure Multi-Use Pass-Through Device

The HMPD works with pressures of up to 6500psi and serves multiple functions. The HMPD was designed to work in tandem with SPO's full product line of advanced life support devices to include the SLIM 6.5, SHIELD Hybrid SCBA, and ELABS SCBA. These systems can be recharged to full working pressure in less than a minute using the HMPD. The HMPD adds comfort as well as function with an adjustable modulated control valve that can be utilised as a cooling jet reducing the temperature within the suit between 10-20 degrees. the HMPD can also be used primarily as a cooling device if connected to a SAR line.


  • World's only high-pressure pass-through device.
  • Adjustable cooling control valve reducing internal suit temperature by 20 degrees.
  • Designed to be used with any Level A suit.
  • Compatible with current RIC systems, SCBA's and SAR lines.
  • Less than 30 second recharge time when using SPO Advanced Life Support Systems (SLIM 6.5, SHIELD, ELABS).
  • 6500psi capacity.