Hook and Line Systems

Hook and Line is designed to be used by EOD or high threat search teams. It is a semi remote technique used to move suspect devices or gain access into vehicles and buildings using a pulling line and specially designed tools. It allows tasks to be carried out typically at over 100m. It is lightweight, non-powered system that is quick and easy to deploy.

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Hook and Line Systems

Dismounted Operations

Lightweight, small and easily transported hook and line systems, specially designed for dismounted operations and rapid response teams.

Normal Operations

The most popular size, with the widest range of tools. Typically used for moving suspect objects up to 500kg.

Heavy Duty Operations

Used for moving vehicles and objects in excess of 500kg.

Original Series Equipment

These kits have formed the backbone of the Hook and Line range.

Custom Hook and Line Kits

NIC instruments offer the ability to completely customise your Hook and Line kit and contents to suit your requirement. From lightweight personal kits, up to the most complete, comprehensive kits, and everything in between.