Mine Extraction Kits

A range of mine field extraction tools, prodders and kits. The equipment helps your team search out and render safe those devices thus ensuring the continued safety of both those involved in the defeat of a threat and the public, resulting in a safer world for all.

J3Seven is a provider for Explosive Ordnance Disposal equipment and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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Mine Extraction Kits

Personal Mine Extraction Kit (PMEK) EOD009700

This small kit contains all the essential tools to extract from a minefield should you find yourself caught within one unexpectedly.

  • Ability to mark safe routes and suspect areas in minefields in both day and night
  • Ability to search for and detect buried mines and trip wires
  • Also contains an Aide Memoire showing correct procedures and drills upon encountering a minefield
  • All located in a small pouch, compatible with Molle/Osprey body armour
  • Weight is approximately 450g, dimensions 120mm x 170mm x 60mm

Vehicle Mine Extraction Kit (VMEK) EOD009600

The Vehicle Mounted Mine Extraction Kit is a larger version of the Personal Mine Extraction kit, used for extraction from vehicles.

  • Larger and increased quantity of route marking systems both day and night
  • Mounted in a small rigid case
  • Weight is approximately 3.7kg, dimensions 270mm x 250mm x 125mm

Mine Prodder EOD009718

A lightweight man portable mine prodder used to locate anti-personnel mines up to a depth of 250mm.

  • The unit is non-magnetic for use in hazardous and sensitive areas
  • Designed to be used at two different lengths, the unit is robust and versatile, and can be used when standing crouched or prone
  • The unit comes in a Cordura storage bag, complete with shoulder and hand carry strap
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK