AirJam Mobile Breathing Air Storage Bank System

The SPO AirJam MBASBS was developed to support sustain breathing air refill operations with a large volume cascade bank system. The MBASBS provides the capability of refilling air systems using air storage cylinders and refill controls built into one easy to use platform.

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Mobile Breathing Air Storage Bank System

The system can be used to run pneumatic tools, lift bags, and other air related systems and is built with user-friendly control panels for monitoring system functions.



  • Longer duration operations.
  • Limited access areas.
  • Austere environments.
  • SCBA/Air cylinder refill.
  • Can be used standalone or in conjunction with the SPO AirJam Mobile Air Refill Station.
  • Aluminium Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) coated reinforced enclosed system.



  • (2) corner instrument/control panels: storage/fill pressure gauge 2HP QF4 fill ports.
  • Storage capacity at 6500psi = 9 cylinder x 11,625.33L / 11.63 cubic meters = 104,628L / 104.63 cubic meters.
  • Dimensions: 1524 mm L x 1092mm W x 965mm H.

Additional options:

  • HP air regulation control.
  • Ruggedised trailer platform.