Mobile Decision Aid

The HazMasterG3® is the most advanced and comprehensive mobile HazMat/CBRNE/HME/IED decision aid available. Everything starts with identifying the threat – and no system provides more threat identification capabilities, followed up with accredited response guidance, than HazMasterG3.

J3Seven is a provider for CBRN and Explosive Ordnance Disposal equipment and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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Mobile Decision Aid

For EOD / Bomb Technicians

  • Ordnance ID for 5,500+ pieces of ordnance for over 50 countries world-wide, with expanded guidance for former Warsaw Pact Munitions.
  • Improvised trigger identification for over 11,000+ components.
  • Energetics Tools Setup (FBI authorised users only) for advanced RSP operations incorporates an order of precedence decision engine that delivers best-practices state-of-the-art guidance to help assure successful render safe operations.
  • Virtually mix chemicals to predict probable HME and CWA outcomes. Alluviam invented the technology, and holds several patents on it.
  • Virtually mix precursors to model HME formulation yields based on indicators found on-scene.
  • Calculate standoff distances and blast consequences for simple or complex real-world threats using civilian or military guidance.
  • Identify dual-use precursors for the production of HME and explosives, chem-warfare/WMD, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines.
  • Identify consumer product sources of dual-use precursors, and their key components.
  • Comprehensive breaching and disposal shot setup and standoff calculators.
  • Interactive clandestine lab detection tool - select what is observable on-scene, and the system will generate a report indicating likely uses for the lab based on the on-scene indicators.
  • Integrated X-Ray, disrupter operations, shock tube and electronics calculators and XTK integration.
  • Virtually mix an unlimited number of agents to identify probable dual-use precursor outcomes.
  • Virtually mix chemicals to identify explosions, toxic gas emissions and many other hazardous chemical reactions.
  • Automatically integrate selected ordnance into disposal shots.
  • Identify detectors suitable for detection of specific HME precursors.
  • Sensitive site exploitation tools tailored for HME and narcotics uses.
  • Foreign term exploitation for seven high-priority languages.
  • Advanced breaching calculator for tactical operations.
  • BLEVE calculator for calculating boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion hazards.
  • Comprehensive response guidance: protective clothing, respirators, exposure hazards, isolation zones, first aid and much more for chemical, biological and radiological threats.
  • US DHS certified and designated anti-terrorism technology.


For HazMat / CBRNE Operations

  • ID a broad range of agents via observed physical properties.
  • ID unknown agents via observed signs and symptoms.
  • ID a broad range of dual-use precursors.
  • ID broad range of consumer product sources.
  • ID dual-use precursor outcomes.
  • ID chemical reactions.
  • HazMat QuickStart.
  • ID EC cross sensitivities.
  • ID BLEVE hazards.
  • Heat stress calculator.
  • ID probable home made explosives (HME) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA).
  • ID Detectors.
  • ID isotopes with HazMasterG3's advanced nuclide identification capability.
  • ID RCIED Threat Ranges.
  • ID Decon/neutralisation options.

For SSE / Clan Lab

  • ID a broad range of dual-use precursors.
  • ID Clandestine labs.
  • ID dual-use precursor outcomes.
  • ID broad range of agents via observed physical properties.
  • ID unknown agents via observed signs and symptoms.
  • ID chemical reactions.
  • ID probable HME and CWA formulations.
  • ID Detectors.
  • ID Decon/neturalisation options.