Mobile PCR Thermocyclers

Portable PCR Thermocyclers enables real-time detection of up to 27 targets.

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Mobile PCR Thermocycler


The Franklin is 1.3 kg, hand-held, and battery-powered for maximum portability, Franklin™ enables multiplex real-time detection of up to 27 targets. No lab equipment or special experience is required.

Take PCR on the go with Franklin™, the latest field-ready thermocycler for performing PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, and Isothermal tests.

The thermocycler comes in three different variations depending on the colour channel detection you require- one9, two9, and three9.

These variations give you the freedom to start small with a 1-colour (Green, FAM/SYBR), 9-well portable thermocycler and the ability to add up to two additional colour channels (Amber, TexasRedX & Red, ATTO647N) in a matter of minutes. The remote upgrade is simple and quickly implemented through its companion smartphone app, Biomeme Go.

Ultra-Portable Design

Compact, lightweight, and optimised to enable a full days work out in the field on a single charge.

Integrated Barcode Scanner

Human errors are prone to happen - simply scan your tests to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

Easily Operated

Spend less time on training and cleaning with a dependable, easy-to-use thermocycler built for consistency.

Intuitive Companion App

Biomeme Go wirelessly pairs with Franklin to program custom thermocycling parameters, manage experiments, and more.

Fast Real-Time Results

In less than an hour, you can determine the presence or absence of the target(s) in your sample and the starting quantity.

Gold Standard Performance

Performs to the standard used by the most advanced labs, but requires no lab equipment or special experience to use.

Franklin ISP

Mobile PCR Thermocyclers - Our highly sensitive and tightly controlled testing products quickly and accurately detect and differentiate between biowarfare agents. Franklin ISP, our 1.95 Kg powerhouse, is ITAR compliant; all Biomeme products have been cleared for international travel.

Fully Automated & Integrated Sample Prep

A hassle-free, efficient solution for integrated extraction and purification of DNA or RNA from multiple specimen types.

1 Sample, Up to 27 Targets

The system enables real-time PCR or isothermal detection of up to 27 targets from 1 sample.

ISP Cartridge Compatible

The system runs fully automated, single-use, shelf-stable ISP Cartridges that include all required nucleic acid extraction and purification buffers as we as lyophilised molecular assays.

Compact, Lightweight & Ready to Go

Small footprint and only 1.95kg allowing you to perform accurate and precise testing without having to worry about finding adequate space.

Wireless Technology

Securely connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), enabling a smooth testing experience from start to finish via the intuitive mobile app. USB serial connection is also available.