The AirJam-16 is designed for the purpose of obtaining excellent quality breathing air by drawing it from the surrounding environment.

J3Seven is a provider for Breathing Systems and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

  • Veteran Owned & Operated
  • 100% Australian
  • Premium technical support


The compressor is capable of charging bottles up to 6000psi. The purification system filters draw H2O, CO, hydrocarbons, oil, and particles from the ambient air. The engine, a YANMAR Diesel engine, is equipped with a solenoid valve on the tank and an electric start.

The AirJam-16 provides enhanced mission support capabilities to include:

  • Longer duration operations.
  • Limited access areas.
  • Austere environments.
  • SCBA/Air cylinder refilling.


  • 3 stage compressor.
  • 9.0 HP motor.
  • Working pressure (6000psi).
  • Delivery rate (315 I/min).
  • Refill time (6'20" - 10L)
  • Weight (135kg)
  • Dimensions (1130mm x 541mm x 640mm).