Radiation Monitor Military Grade

Radiation detector designed for both mobile and stationary setups, enabling real-time monitoring of gamma and X-ray radiation

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Radiation Monitor Military Grade

The RanidX detects and measures radiation down to low levels (LLR). It provides dose rate and status readings through the software interface. When it's connected to the ChemProX-DS, the current dose rate, accumulated dose readings and alarms are indicated on the user interface.

  • Continuous use 24/7/365
  • Easy and flexible installation to different applications
  • Compact for installation into the applications critical space
  • Wide measurement range
  • Fast response time
  • Many communication options and software interface for 3rd party system integration
  • Widely tested against relevant standards

RanidX mechanical design and small size allows for flexible integration to multiple application solutions. This includes platforms such as vessels, military vehicles and critical infrastructures.

  • Naval and Maritime CBRN Monitoring
  • Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance
  • Armoured CR Monitoring
  • Light CBRN Reconnaissance
  • Building CBRN Monitoring
  • Shelter CBRN Monitoring