Radio Frequency Blocking Bag

SHIELDSAK is a patented, lightweight, fabric Faraday cage capable of blocking signals that can steal your critical information. This bag was designed for all types of mobile devices including, but not limited to; smartphones, tablets and iPad.

J3Seven is a provider for Forensic Tools and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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Radio Frequency Blocking Bag

When the item is placed in the SHIELDSAK and sealed correctly, the item and its file contents become secure. Signals are blocked from entering or leaking from the bag. Phones will not ring. Items with ID chips, like passports and credit cards, cannot be scanned.


  • Vital information is secured and tracking is impossible
  • Lightweight, fabric Faraday pouch blocks all signals capable of reading your personal information
  • Block Radio Frequencies (RF), infrared, and skim/quick scan technology
  • Some electronics contain a tracking device that cannot be turned off; with the SHIELDSAK, they are irrelevant. SHIELDSAK will go through TSA security scans with no problems.