Silent Entry Torch System Responder

The Responder system allows first responders to use existing medical cylinders for exothermic cutting during rescue operations.

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Silent Entry Torch System Responder

The system gives the first responder the ability to burn through metal, locks, and hinges with ease. Equipped with a post valve with toggle or post valve connection, the Responder was designed for use in conjunction with medical oxygen cylinders.

The following key features make the responder a cutting-edge thermal breaching system:

  • Can be used with existing medical oxygen cylinders (post style).
  • CGA870 regulator connection.
  • Quick connect/disconnect rod cutting control handle.
  • 9V battery rod ignition.
  • Compact Nylon carry case.



  • Weight: (with medical D cylinder) 6.1kg.
  • Dimensions: (with medical D cylinder) 559mm L x 241mm W x 140mm H.
  • Cutting capability: (3) 457mm SETS exothermic rods at 2000psi (O2).