Twin Vessel Oxygen Storage System

The TVOSS is a large volume, mobile compressed oxygen workstation. It is developed for Medical, Military, and Rescue applications, and provides a team requiring a very large, but portable reservoir of compressed oxygen with a sizeable advantage in almost any situation.

J3Seven is a provider for Breathing Systems and integrated systems maintenance solutions.

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Twin Vessel Oxygen Storage System

The TVOSS provides up to 448 CF of compressed medical-grade oxygen (at 3000psi), a very large-volume medical oxygen station. The TVOSS is housed in either an ATA certified ruggedised protective case or a lightweight open rigid framework - two exceptional protective options suited to operational team and situational requirements. Additional interchangeable medical accessories are available separately.


  • Twin 1910 cu-in aluminium lined carbon fibre cylinders.
  • Optimum fill 3000psi.
  • No charge Hydrostatic testing (every 5 years).