Voltage Current Probe Tool

Elite Mil Spec Voltage Current Probe

Unlock the full potential of your operations with the elite mil spec Voltage Current Probe Attachment (VIPA+). Enhance your operational efficiency and ensure reliable performance in the most challenging environments. 

Common FAQs about Voltage Current Probe Attachment (VIPA+):

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Elite Mil Spec Efficiency with VIPA+: Voltage Current Probe

A Voltage Current Probe Attachment (VIPA+) is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool designed to safely measure voltages and currents in various applications, including explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operations. The VIPA+ allows EOD personnel to measure voltages and currents in explosive devices without direct connections, significantly reducing the risk of accidental detonation. Discover the key features and benefits of this elite mil spec voltage-current probe below. 

Key Features of the Elite Mil Spec Voltage Current Probe

Hardwired Conductive Path

Ensures reliable connectivity from the bed of nails to the connector, maintaining a consistent and secure electrical path. This feature is essential for accurate voltage and current measurements in critical operations. 

Linearly Driven Bed of Nails

This design prevents wire shearing and ensures a smooth and dependable connection. It enhances the equipment's durability and longevity, making it a preferred choice in rugged environments. 

Single-Handed Operation

Allows for easy and efficient use, even in challenging conditions. This ergonomic design ensures the equipment can be deployed quickly, minimising preparation time and increasing operational efficiency. 

Non-Conductive Body Material

Made from PC and glass-filled nylon, the VIPA+ body material is non-conductive, ensuring safety and reliability. This feature is crucial in environments where electrical insulation is paramount. 

Minimal Preparation Time

Designed for quick deployment, the VIPA+ requires minimal preparation time, making it ideal for urgent situations where every second counts. 

Truncated Pins

It provides strength and prevents hooked ends, enhancing the robustness and reliability of the connection. This design choice ensures that the equipment remains dependable over prolonged use. 

Strain Relief on Soldered Electrical Connections

The mechanical design provides strain relief on soldered electrical connections within the body, preventing damage and ensuring long-term reliability. 

Elite Mil Spec Voltage Current Probe Equipment Summary

  • VIPA+ 4 Lead Kit: Weight: 425g  
  • VIPA+ 8 Lead Kit: Weight: 800g 
  • VIPA+ Insertable Probe Length: 245mm 
  • Available with ultra-flexible silicone cables or hardwearing PVC 
  • Colour-coded pairs for easy identification 
  • Custom colours available on request 
  • Insulated stackable banana plug connectors to prevent unintended connections. 
  • Kit indication feature tabs and paint pen for easy identification 
  • Tested by UL to nationally recognised standards. 

Applications and Benefits of the Elite Mil Spec Voltage Current Probe

Military and Defence

The VIPA+ is designed to meet the stringent requirements of military applications. Its rugged construction, reliable performance, and quick deployment capabilities make it ideal for defence operations. 

Technical and Engineering

Precision and reliability are paramount in technical fields. The VIPA+ advanced features ensure accurate measurements and dependable performance, making it a valuable tool for engineers and technicians. 

Emergency Services

Quick and reliable electrical measurements are crucial in emergencies. The VIPA+ ease of use and minimal preparation time ensure that emergency responders can deploy it swiftly and effectively. 


What makes the VIPA+ different from other voltage and current probe attachments?

The VIPA+ hardwired conductive path, linearly driven bed of nails, and single-handed operation set it apart from other attachments. These features ensure reliable performance, ease of use, and durability in demanding environments.

Can the VIPA+ be customised for specific needs?

Yes, the VIPA+ is available with ultra-flexible silicone cables or hardwearing PVC, and custom colours can be requested to suit specific requirements. This customisation ensures that the VIPA+ meets the unique needs of different applications.

How does the VIPA+ ensure safety during use?

The VIPA+ is made from non-conductive materials like PC and glass-filled nylon, providing excellent electrical insulation. The insulated stackable banana plug connectors also prevent unintended connections, enhancing safety.